CUCF 2022-2023

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The Cambridge University China Forum (CUCF) is a student-run society committed to fostering constructive discussions on China. By gathering experts from the fields of academia, politics, economics and more, the Forum aims to offer diverse perspectives and insights on the role of China in the 21st century.


From Joseph Needham to Xu Zhimo, Cambridge has ties with modern China that can be traced to the very beginning, making it the best institution to start an initiative like ours. The Cambridge University China Forum aims to not only put on events for discussion on China, but also make them accessible to a wide range of students. While there are a number of societies that relate to China, many of these function as social clubs for overseas Chinese students. The majority of the other China related events at the university are talks and seminars that often require too much prior knowledge on the subject matter to be accessible to students in general. We seek to organise events centred on popular topics on China for the wider university community.